Speaking Topics


  • This Planet is based on Frequencies only.
    Our future depends on how we understand and apply frequencies and frequency medicine.
  • A creator should never be involved in sales.
  • Tattoos are the new plague. Bad for your health
  • Most of the main inventions of the past 200 years are harmful.
  • Bees are vanishing from the face of the earth. A disaster for mankind will happen.
  • The building blocks of life.
  • Ethic & Moral.


  • What exactly is healthy water. Most people in the USA drink poor water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water – Good or bad for you?


  • Chronic Stress the only reason for you to become sick.
  • The 17 possible causes for your bad sleep.
  • Every coffee drinker is a drug addict.
  • The 17 enemies to your health.
  • I want to die healthy. You also?
  • Kinesiology – How does muscle testing work?
  • Food allergies and addictions.
  • 6 management steps to health.
  • pH – we are all too acidic.
  • Geopathic Zones – the secret cause for cancer and hardly any MD knows.
  • The good and not so good doctor.
  • The basics in dentistry – ignored by the MD
  • The problems with the light.
  • The basic 7 parameters you can monitor without any MD.


  • How to increase your energy in 1 second.


  • The possible danger of Cell Phones & WiFi.
  • 5G is controlling the 7 main areas of our life
  • Defending ourselves against possible harmful danger of electro magnetic radiation of 4G & 5G like Cell Phones, WiFi, transmission towers, smart meters, electric cars………
  • Results of Testing 23 supposedly Cell Phone EMF protective devices.
  • Regular combustion chamber cars and electric cars create harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • 5G, Covid 19 and vaccinations – how inextricably intertwined they are.