Bio – Norbert Heuser

Born and raised in Germany, Norbert Heuser spent most of his professional life between his residence in Germany and Asia. Norbert had his own companies in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany and in the USA.

Working with and among the Chinese for the past 35 years he had a deeper look into the culture and lifestyle than a regular Western person could possibly have. It is there he was introduced to Chinese Medicine.

Nowadays Norbert’s HQ is in Germany and his co-office in the USA.

Over his lifetime Norbert met or came across many inspiring people who were willing to share their knowledge with him. For him, to keep being interested and to keep asking the right questions means always to keep learning.

Norbert Heuser visited and worked in 36 countries around the globe.

Norbert experienced for the first time Alternative Medicine at the age of 10. Then again at age 16.

At the age of 30 – because of an intense and critical health situation for himself – Norbert got in deep touch with alternative medicine which thereafter became his biggest passion throughout his life apart from arts in general and music in particular.

In the year 2000 Norbert decided to move his primarily residence from Germany to Florida, where he lives with his family. While German is his native tongue Norbert is fighting with the English and French language as well.

In 2008 Norbert himself and at the same time his newborn grandson Elijah were experiencing major health problems, and Norbert found the use of mobile phones / Wi-Fi to be the main demonstrable cause.

Norbert asked the simple question: “What are we all missing in the big picture?” Norbert started to look seriously into how to improve the health conditions on this planet. He came to the conclusion that there were a few main problems causing health issues and even deaths. He discovered that many people in our society are harmed by:

  • poor water quality supplied both by public water and the bottled water industry
  • electromagnetic radiation as provided through 4G & 5G by WiFi, cell phones, GPS, both combustion chamber and electric cars, computers, screens, transmission towers etc..
  • the lack of understanding and correct application of frequencies, as this planet is based on frequencies only, and the future is frequency medicine, not pill and white gowns.

And even more, he learned that most medical doctors are not educated at all in these topics and have nothing to offer to the patients in these areas.

Norbert never expected at that time that his personal interest in these topics would develop into a company. Consequently, Norbert put his observations, his many studies and discoveries in technologies he came up with into creating products that solve these problems. The manufacturing of his products take place in his HQ in Germany.

Nowadays he produces helpful devices which even 2-3 years ago he himself could not imagine were even possible to accomplish. For example, products to actually handle the harmful effects of 5G radiation.

Looking back, Norbert understands now that he had a calling that he simply followed without being aware of it at first. He learned over time that nothing happens by accident. Norbert calls his thrive to move on as his hunger to improve the conditions on this planet and bring out more truth.

Some of his original quotes:
“Truth is very easy. It is so easy that people do not accept it.”
“A lie can only exist if there was truth first.”

His main messages are:
“How to improve your health”
“The world is based on Frequencies only” as well as
“All you need to know about healthy water” and
“The danger of electromagnetic radiation”.

For the past 10 years, Norbert has delivered seminars and workshops in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
Over 30 US radio stations across the USA have interviewed Norbert about his main topics.
Norbert was interviewed in more than 30 talk shows in Europe and in the USA.

Norbert alternates between Europe and the USA, where he is invited as a public speaker, delivers seminars, and webinars, and appears on interviews and talk shows.